Bethany World Ministries was founded in 1986, by Waldemar and Madeleine Serrano. It is a Worldwide Ministry with the mission of making Jesus Christ the center of everything we do and helping others to be able to fellowship with the Lord Jesus and with each other. One of the signs of the Ministry has been the anointing for the miraculous on Waldemar’s life and complete healing on Madeleine’s life. The Lord specifically instructed us not to have our heart set on a program, and to always be led by His Holy Spirit. Time and time again he has reminded us of his instruction to follow “OBEDIENCE WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING”.

Waldemar has ministered and preached the Gospel in the United States as well as Latin America where the Lord has used him in the miraculous, and to deliver the message of reconciliation to those who have found themselves in helpless situations. He also has been placed in high level positions in government, where the Lord has given him grace to be able to reach those who would not have seeked Godly counsel.
Waldemar has been serving the Orange County Sheriff Office as a Volunteer Chaplain since 1994, most recently receiving the 2015 Chaplain of the Year Award. He was the recipient of the “2003 Latino Leadership Award” presented by the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders. This prestigious award was presented in recognition of his endurance and commitment in leadership and his presence as a beacon of social and civil justice for the Church and Latino community.

Madeleine has been serving primarily in the area of ministry to women; conducting women’s teachings, women’s retreats, teaching intersession, complete deliverance from oppression and complete healing. She has also been instrumental in one on one counseling helping those in ministry by imparting the knowledge and gifts of discernment of spirits and interpretation of dreams and visions. She has also been the lead when it comes to counseling couples, not only for those in need of healing, but those who marriages are broken or in need of direction, for them to be able to minister to others based on where they have had the victory overcoming difficult situations. She has most recently started her Prayer page on Facebook and is venturing into writing books, led by the Holy Spirit. Her greatest accomplishments have been to be a devoted wife, mother and grandmother of three grandsons.